About us

Company for sanitary and environmental protection “Hemosan” Ltd. Bar was established on 08. 04. 1993., having its registered office in Bar. Today, “Hemosan” has 23 employees; engineers specialized in...


Primary activities of the Company are: protection of the sea, ports, marinas from pollutants as well as acceptance of hazardous waste; acceptance, transport, storage and export of all types of...


Kompanija Hemosan je učestvovala u sanaciji nekih od najvećih ekoloških incidenata u Crnoj Gori. Samo neki od njih su: Čišćenje i sanacija rijeke Morače od mazuta; Čišćenje i sanacija objekta ...

Our partners

Hemosan has become a recognized name in the field of ecology and environmental protection. These are just some of the projects is which Hemosan participated with its renowned partners.


Admission, shipping, processing of water and servicing of waste equipment from ships and waste in Luka Bar,

brodogradilisteService stations for treatment of oily water and shipping and placement of grease on the foreign markets.


kapCleaning and washing of tank habits, drainage wells and the disposal and recycling of fuel oil (approximately 500 tons).

jugopetrolCleaning tanks and separators, disposal of sludges from oil and white fuel.

AD "Tole" Tivat Reception and processing of waste water from shipyard Tivat.

UPS Authorisation

Resolution 250-2

Resolution 407-4

Resolution 857-2 001

Resolution 892-3

Resolution 984-2

Resolution 1247-5

Resolution 1382-6

Resolution 1660-3

Resolution 1765-8


The company "Hemosan" has all permits to carry out activities like:

  • protection from pollution of the: sea, harbors, marinas, as well as reception of hazardous waste;
  • reception, transportation, storage and export of all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • reception and processing of oily and waste water from ships;
  • cleaning of reservoirs of oil and oil products, as well as waste disposal from reservoirs

Where we are

Popovići 46, 85000 Bar, Crna Gora